Advantages of Participating in PeKa B40

  • No MCO/TPA involvement
  • No registration or retainer fees
  • No fee-splitting between GPs and laboratories
  • No payment to laboratory required. Consumables will be provided by the registered laboratories.
  • No need to purchase special IT systems
  • Potential to gain new clients
  • Helps the low-income B40 group
  • Involvement is voluntary


Medical Practitioner Consultation


  • First Visit: History taking, physical examination and blood & urine collection;
  • Second Visit: Consultation to review laboratory results and provide a referral if necessary.
Patient’s History Physical Examination
  • Medical and Surgical History
  • Family History
  • Social History
  • Screening of Symptoms and Risk Factors
  • Screening of Mental Health Symptoms


  • Weight, Height, BMI (automatic calculation);
  • Vital signs
  • General Examination & Systemic Examination
  • Clinical Breast Examination (CBE)
  • Digital Rectal Examination (DRE) **if indicated


  • Laboratory Tests:
    • Full Blood Count
    • Renal Profile with estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR)
    • HbA1c
    • Random Lipid Profile
    • Urine Biochemistry



Laboratories That Are Registered with PeKa B40


  • Clinics are free to choose whichever laboratory as long as it is registered
  • There are no transactions between clinics and laboratories.
  • The laboratory will provide consumables for specimen collection.
  • The laboratory will collect specimens from the clinic.
  • Results of tests will be uploaded to the database by the laboratory.
  • Laboratories that are registered (as of now):
    • BP Lab
    • Clinipath
    • Gribbles
    • Pantai Premier
    • Pathlab
    • Quantum Diagnostic


Rates and Methods of Payment


  • First Visit: Direct payment to Clinic - RM 40
  • Second Visit : Direct payment to Clinic - RM 20
  • Based on the following authorisation:
    • Table 7 of the 2006 Regulations of Private Healthcare Facilities and Services (Private Medical Clinics or Private Dental Clinics) - the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998
  • Payment will be made twice a month.


List of Criteria for Private General Practitioners


  1. Clinic must have ‘Borang B’ or ‘F.’

  2. Clinic must be registered as ‘General Private Clinic.’

  3. Clinics registered as ‘Specialist Private Clinic’ and ‘Private General Medical Clinic with Aesthetic Services as area of interest,’ are exempted from participating in this pioneer project for now.

  4. Medical Practitioners (Officer Incharge) must be registered with the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC).

  5. Medical Practitioners (Officer Incharge) must possess a valid Annual Practicing Certificate (APC).

  6. Clinic facility must be equipped with a telephone line, Internet access, computers and printers.


Conditions for GP Registration


Clinic registration must be made in the name of the “Person Incharge” as stated in the Certificate of Registration of Clinic. Documents that need to be uploaded are:

  • Certificate of registration to conduct a private clinic (Borang B or Borang F)
  • Certificate of full registration with the MMC for the person incharge
  • Perakuan amalan tahunan semasa bagi orang yang bertanggungjawab (APC 2019)
  • Bank account proof

Disclaimer :

  • Should there be a violation of the declaration, the agreement with the clinic shall be terminated.


GP Registration Process



PeKa B40 Clinic Sticker



  • This sticker will be provided by ProtectHealth
  • Please display this sticker on the main entrance to your clinic so that recipients of PeKa B40 may identify your clinic as a PeKa B40 clinic.